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Sunday January 20th 2019

How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

In this article we will see how positive affirmations work and that are more than a mere attempt to self-manage and we will know why we have to speak positively.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements we make about what is true and true (or we want it to be) for us. They aim to feel better and have a positive attitude towards life and creator of our own reality.

How positive affirmations work in our mind
Creation always begins with an idea. Nothing that exists in the world has appeared by magic, but everything has been previously thought and imagined by someone. The same goes for our personal lives: as we think, as we visualize our lives, so will our reality and our experience be.

For the purposes of this creation, it is very important to consider how we speak, because words are energy and when we are talking, we are creating! Being attentive to the language we use, both in our relationship with others, and with ourselves (our inner dialogue) is essential. And this is where positive affirmations come into play. You can for example practice christian affirmations.

We must bear in mind that our mind does not understand the „no”: it directly eliminates it as if it did not exist in prayer! Thus, if we say „I do not want to be sick”, our mind skips the „no” and stays only with the „I want to be sick”. Hence the importance of using words and sentences in positive / affirmative.

Positive affirmations must have three basic elements
Be written in the first person, using the present tense and using positive / affirmative language.

They must have an emotional effect.
They must be true for you.
Regarding the emotional effect: positive affirmations will have no effect on us unless they are written in a way that generates a positive feeling. We create not only with the head but also with the heart! and therefore, true creation occurs when we unite thought and feeling.

This is so because the Law of Attraction responds to how we feel about what we say and think. Therefore, when reading the positive affirmation that we have written, we will know that it is valid if we feel happy, hopeful, animated.

Regarding the issue of certainty: it is necessary that we have no doubt about the veracity of our positive statements. If we doubt that it is real or possible, we will be boycotting ourselves, because the energy of doubt is a negative vibration.

A good technique when we start using positive affirmations and we doubt any of them is to use phrases like „I’m on the path to attracting my life …” or „I’ve decided that …” or „I’m excited to think / feel what…”. Other great way for women can be these positive affirmations for women.

So, for example, instead of starting by stating „I have iron health” (if I do not believe it) we can say „I am on the way to having an iron health”.

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